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Winning Is Losing

            Winning’s been doing a lot of losing lately. When Felix Hernandez wins the American League Cy Young Award despite a 13-12 record, it’s an indication that winning isn’t that important. When the NFL Network’s Top 100 Players list has … Continue reading

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Brady and Big Ben

            Forget for a moment Ben Roethlisberger’s questionable past. Focus only on his on-field accomplishments, and you’ll have to admit that when it comes to winning, only one active quarterback does it better than he does: Tom Brady. Yet, while … Continue reading

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Yes, I saw the Giants dismantle the Seahawks, and yet I remain pumped, and more than a little jacked to be able to sit here today and tell you that Pete Carroll can coach a little bit. The guy got … Continue reading

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And when that championship was sandwiched between two New England Patriot Super Bowl victories, ... read more

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